Short-Story: Harry Hopeless, DJ

The extraordinarily hopeful fairytale of Harry Hopeless, DJ by profession

It was an evening like any other for Harry. Flickering lights and loud noises set the scene, as he observed the ecstatic crowd motionlessly. Why he had become a DJ – that was a question he was asked very often, after all, everyone was a marketing expert these days and wanted to give a nifty piece of advice.

While his real name was James Croe, he had been looking for a „cool stage-name“ for his DJ career and finally decided on Harry Hopeless. A childhood friend, who had tried in vain to talk him out of this idea, had explained that he was killing everyone’s mood with this. Indeed, the slogan that appeared under Harry’s name on his website didn’t give much hope either: The name is the game. And the game sucks, too.

James didn’t care that most DJ’s had built up a stage persona that made them famous. He hated music. He hated people. And staying up late. And parties in general. But he loved the quiet moments on stage. And there were plenty of them, because at the beginning of his set he activated a Spotify playlist and the rest of the time he watched the people wearing noise-canceling headphones.

Now and then, when he felt lonely, he would play „She loves the DJ“. Sometimes, he would then start crying. Again and again he was comforted by pretty people. Also, for some strange reason, his bookings went through the roof, because everyone wanted to see the depressed DJ. As it turned out, James was a very happy marketing genius who had made himself a star with his character.

Unfortunately, people now wanted to take photos with him and have short, meaningful conversations in the middle of the set. This started to make James really depressed and so he became what he had played: Harry Hopeless. And since nothing appeared to make sense to him any more, he joined the people in celebrating the moment, dancing and singing. He began to live the music he had otherwise skillfully ignored and little by little built back his happiness.

One night, during a set, he met a woman he fell instantly in love with. Lilly had been deaf since birth and had never heard of him. And while he couldn’t understand sign-language, they smiled.

The End.

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