I learned that I have worth and everything is worse now

Feeling worthless is bad, it really is. Yet, now that I have learned that I am not worthless and in fact lovable, everything is worse. It’s rather simple:

You see, quite some time ago when I felt like a worthless piece of shit, I was comfortable in my own terrible-ness. There was no one that could have blamed me for not going after my dreams, for not asking out my crush, since there was no point in doing that, anyway.

It was out of my hand. It wasn’t my fault that I didn’t try and that was a comfortable place to be.

Then I did the reasonable thing: I had therapy and I got better. Now, however, I know that I am not worthless and that I am lovable. As a result, now there are no excuses to not go after my dreams or ask out my crushes. Failure is my own fault. There are a thousand ways I could do this right and not doing it is actually the one way to do it wrong.

Nobody told me that by becoming healthy there would be a whole new world of things to be afraid of.

But that’s why you’re here: This advice-site will not help you with feeling better, it will distract you from that reality with little anecdotes and advice that is as unhelpful as it is crazily convoluted.

Have fun here!

(This was the original post of the Garry website)

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